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Open Tuesday through Sunday for Lunch, Dinner & Weekend Brunch. Bergerac is known for authentic French  food made using local, organic ingredients whenever possible and no artificial ingredients ever. We are proud to serve really good homemade French food alongside curated wines and cocktails. Menu subject to change and amendments. 

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Entrees at Bergerac, photo by Beyoutiful Portraits
Photo by BeYoutiful Photography

Fish of the Day, photo by beyoutiful portraits blue cheese, hazelnut & pear salad Bergerac Portland interior

Creme Brûlée by Bergerac Bistro
Creme Brûlée by Bergerac Bistro

Mixed olives (gf, vg) $ 3.75
Chou Bergerac (gf, df, v) grated red cabbage, honey, dill, lemon juice $4.00
Tomato salad (vg, gf) cherry tomatoes, red onions, balsamic, nuts $ 7.00
Green bean salad (vg, gf) green beans, nuts, red onion, balsamic, red, olive oil $ 7.00
Pickled Mushrooms (df, vg) mixed pickled mushrooms, olive oil, crostini $ 8.00
Pâté Maison seasonal pate served with crostini, onion jam, gherkins, mustard $10.00
Bergerac Sharing Platter $20.00
Fromages selection of cheese, nuts, onion jam, fresh fruit, bread $10.00

Coquilles St Jacques ** seared scallop, béchamel sauce, madeira, breadcrumbs $ 12.00
Soup of the day (gf, vg*) cup or bowl $ 5.50 |$ 7.50
Escargot Persillé (gf) half dozen | dozen snail, garlic butter, bread $10.00|$18.00
Beetroot Salad (gf, v, vg*) roasted beetroot, goats cheese, walnuts, mixed greens $ 10.00 |$14.00
Pear Salad ( gf,v, vg*) warm poached pear, blue cheese cream, arugula, hazelnuts, pear reduction $ 12.00
Baked cheese (gf, v) camembert, white wine, garlic, crostini, apples, onion jam, mixed greens $15.00

Gratin Dauphinois (gf) potato gratin, mixed greens, cured ham  $12.00
Cassoulet (df) toulouse veal sausage, pork confit, duck confit, bacon, dijon, northern beans, breadcrumbs $26.00
Poulet marinated seared chicken thigh, tagliatelle carbonara, bacon romano, dijon, onion jam $18.00
Filet de boeuf (gf) *beef filet, beurre de Bordeaux, sautéed potatoes, mixed greens $28.00
Lamb Navarin (gf) braised lamb in marsala wine, gratin, green beans $23.00
Confit de canard (gf) cured & slow cooked duck, garlic parsley potatoes, green beans, onion jam $22.00
Ragu de champignon (v, gf, vg*) white wine cream mushrooms, herb polenta, romano cheese, mixed greens $16.00
Poisson du jour (gf) catch of the day, mashed potato, radishes, baby carrots, sun dried tomatoes, Roussillon sauce market price

Crostini $2.50 | Bread basket $5.50 | Potato gratin $5.50 | Sautéed potatoes $5 | Mixed greens $7 | Vegetable Selection $5 | Creamed mushroom $5

Poire “Belle Hélene” Sundae (gf)
poached pear, chocolate sauce, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream $8.00
Pot au Chocolat (gf)
dark chocolate cream $7.00
Tarte Bordaloue
pear & almond tart, chocolate sauce, vanilla ice cream $9.00
Crème Brûlée (gf)
vanilla cream topped with crisp brown sugar  $7.00
Vanilla Ice Cream with Chantilly
two scoops (add chocolate sauce $1.00) $4.00
Seasonal Sorbet (gf, vg) | Two Scoops $4.00


Lovely little French restaurant in East Portland. We had the poisson du jour, which was locally caught albacore tuna, prepared medium rare, served with a veggie medley. Also, the duck confit, served with garlic-roasted diced potatoes and a side salad. Finished with creme brulee. The whole meal was excellent, the service was very attentive, and the atmosphere was intimate and friendly.

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